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Bark Place NYC has been making Upper East Side pets look and feel good for over 20 years!  We love what we do, and we treat each pet that comes through our doors as if it is our own! 

But don’t take our work for it, check out our online reviews and you’ll see for yourself straight from our clients.  In 2021, Bark Place was even ranked the #1 Pet Groomers by Yelp! 

We want you and your pet to leave feeling good and looking good, so your satisfaction is our top priority.  So feel free to tell us if you want anything perfected or touched up before you head home.

Some Facts:

  • Bark Place NYC is a cage free environment!
  • We groom both dogs & cats!
  • We have only the highest qualified and most loving groomers.  Many of whom have worked as teachers or corporate grooming trainers. Several even have more than 15 years of experience in the grooming industry.
  • Plan ahead and save!   Pre-book your next full groom (and save $10 off) or bath (and save $5 off) .  Just ask us how.
  • The pricing below only shows the starting price for each category.  Prices vary based on your various factors such as pet type/ breed, size, age, coat condition, grooming history, temperament, etc)
  • We will always put your pets well being first! 

All Baths, Full Grooms and Puppy Packages include…

Full Grooms for Dogs

For dogs with long coats, getting groomed isn’t all about the vanity. It’s important to keep their coat in good shape and healthy for their overall well being.

Our Full Grooms are all inclusive. All of your dog’s grooming needs from head -to-tail are included!

You’ll also get a complimentary consultation with your stylist at check in to discuss your pets needs as well as your wants. We won’t do a thing until you’ve been given a final prices all of the services that will be performed.

Bath Packages for Dogs

Whether your pet has short or long hair, keeping them clean is the healthiest option not only your pet, but also for you and your family.

If your pet doesn’t require a cut or needs a clean-up between Full Grooms, Bark Place Bath Packages include everything your pet needs to be healthy and comfortable.


Puppy Packages

If your puppy isn’t quite old enough to get groomed yet (6month or younger), then the puppy package is the perfect way to get your dog cleaned up and acclimated with the grooming salon.

The puppy package includes everything you see above along with a face trim, sanitary touch-up and a little touch-up around the paw pads. These are often trouble areas that

Contact us for a quote
on any service!


A la Carte Items for Dogs

You can purchase any of the items above (except for the bath) on its own or bundled together.

Add Ons/ Specialized Services

We also do hand stripping, carding and coloring!

Cat Services

At Bark Place NYC, we recognize that cats have special needs. We have specialized cat groomers to accommodate who can help with that!

We offer the following cat services:

When matting happens…

Sometimes matting or knotting occurs in your dog’s coat. If this happens, there are two things you should make sure do:

  1.  Avoid getting those knots wet at all costs!  When knots get wet, matting occurs.  It is not only unsanitary for you and your family, but it is uncomfortable for your dog.
  2. It is important that you bring your dog in immediately.  If caught early enough, we can use special conditioners, sprays and tools to remove the knots before seriously matting occurs.  That way we can prevent having to cut them out.

If those knots get wet or stay in for too long, then your pet might have to get a shave down.  If it does happen, luckily hair grows back (often faster than you would ever imagine).  If it can’t be avoided, look at it as a fresh start!

We only provide dematting services as long as it is not hurting your dog.  It also means your appointment will take a little longer than usual, and an additional fee will also be applied.  Please let us know in advance if your pet needs dematting services so we can plan the schedule accordingly.

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