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about Dog Daycare

Bark Place NYC was designed with all dogs in mind. That means our daycare has something for every dog. Our unique concept combines the perks of traditional dog daycares (such as mass socialization, planned activities, innovative equipment & lots of toys) with the comfort and style of home-based dog daycares (such as a cage-free environment, comfortable lounge space and individual attention.)

Our flexible floor plan creates a safe and comfortable environment for all dogs. Our layout makes space for dogs to be able to play and run around freely without disturbing dogs who prefer to relax or nap. Each daycare stay includes an outside walk when requested by the owner.

We offer two options for daycare stays:

  • Half Day stay: covers up to 6 hours
  • Full Day stay: covers anything over 6 hours.
  • All dogs must undergo a complementary 4 hours trial and test
Hourly Daycare12
Half Day of Daycare30
Full Day of Daycare45
Half Day 10 pack250
Full Day 10 pack400
Half Day 20 pack475
Full Day 20 pack775
*Dog Daycare Price List subject to change without notice

If you buy a 10 pack, you save $50 after 10 stays. With a 20 pack, you save $75 after 20 stays.

All new clients get an additional 10% off their first package. Sign up for Auto-refill and get an additional 10% off every time it renews.

LIMITED TIME 5 PACK SPECIAL *special offer, can not be combined at any offer, offer may end at any time without notice.*RATE
Half Day 5 pack125
Full Day 5 pack210

Reservations are required and you must specify your drop off times and pick up times.

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