Deshedding Treatment

about Deshedding Treatment

If your dog has a thick undercoat and is shedding this season, we have a fix for that!!

A deshedding treatment can be added on to any groom or bath. In addition to the regular services that come with your groom or bath, our team will also perform a deshedding treatment. We will substitute the shampoo used for your dog’s bath with a special formula that loosens the undercoat.

This speeds up the shedding process. We then use a pressure blower and special tool that will remove and brush out the excess undercoat.

Please note, we aren’t magicians who can make the shedding stop completely. However, our deshedding treatment will make a huge difference and help you get better control over the shedding process.

For best results, we recommend bringing your dog in for a deshedding treatment at least every 4-6 weeks especially during the times that shedding occurs most. (some dogs may require treatments more often depending on their fur.)

Adding this service could extend the time of your dog’s groom by up to 30 minutes.

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