December 5, 2023

Doctors say that early detection is key to successful treatment and spread prevention.  Please use this information as a guide if needed, but please also understand that there is no reason for us to be alarmed since there are no reported cases in our area.  

Dear Bark Place NYC Pet Parents;

I am writing today regarding the recent outbreak of a serious canine respiratory illness that has been reported in other parts of the country.  Most importantly,  I am pleased to report that according to the CDC (via, there are no reported cases of this particular illness on the Upper East Side, in the New York metro area or state-wide in New York. 

Below are some symptoms that if apparent, you may want to contact your vet for further examination:

  • coughing (that persists over a week)
  • sneezing,nasal or eye discharge
  • lethargy
  • and breathing difficulties

Just like with Covid-19, we will be taking extra precautions just in case to help keep your dogs safe regardless.  We will be adding extra sanitation measures when it comes to disinfecting the entire facility.  We will also be monitoring all dogs closely for any that exhibit symptoms of this illness.  If this does occur, those dogs will removed them from communal settings, placing in quarantined and pet parents will be required to pick those pets up immediately if notified.  They will also be required to stay home until those symptoms completely pass.  

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Bark Place NYC with any questions or concerns you might have.  Once again, we’re in this together with your pets wellbeing in mind!  


Charles Winters 
Owner, Bark Place NYC