Bark Place now offers Auto Pay and Auto Refill on all dog daycare packages. Auto Pay and Auto Refill add convenience and discounted prices for pet parents who buy doggie daycare packages.  

Here’s how Auto Pay and Auto Refill for Dog Daycare packages works:

  1. Put your credit card on file by either calling us at 212-737-3510 or by using the online website or app [step by step directions below].
  2. Purchase the doggie day care package that fits your dog’s needs. 
  3. Authorize Auto Refill at the time of purchase and you’ll get 10% off that package and 10% off each refill thereafter. 
  4. When your dog uses the last visit in each package, it will automatically be refilled using your credit card on file.
It’s that easy!

Here’s how to sign up for Auto Pay and Auto Refill using or the gingr app:

If you would like to sign up for autopay using the online portal or gingr app, follow these simple directions.  If you have problems, you can give us a call at 212-737-3510.