Bark Place NYC Dog Daycare Prices

Dog Daycare 4 hour trial & test (once per dog):

  • No Charge for up to 4 hours (any additional time billed hourly)
  • all clients should do a trial (to try out Bark Place Dog Daycare) and temperament test (so Bark Place can test their basic social skills)  prior to booking their first appointment
  • Exception: dogs who are already clients at Bark Place NYC Grooming Salon or clients who have a written temperament evaluation from another dog daycare or boarding facility with positive remarks

Pay as you go: 

  • Hourly: $12 per hour (grooming clients get a 2 hour grace period from the time their appointment is scheduled to begin before charges begin)
  • Half Day:  $30 per half day (includes up to a 6 hour stay, dogs that run over on their time will be converted to full day starting at 6th hour)
  • Full Day:  $45 per full day

10 packs:

  • Half Day: $250  (comes out to $25 per visit)
  • Full Day:  $400 (comes out to $40 per visit)

* typically up to 6 hours, clients who stay longer than 6 hours on any given day can pay $15 additional or use package to pay for full day with 2 half day instead  

20 Packs: 

  • Half Day:  $450    (comes out to $23.75 per visit) 
  • Full Day:$750      (comes out to $37.50 per visit) 

*cannot be converted to half day visits