At Bark Place Inc. we pride ourselves in being one of the best grooming teams in Manhattan. Whether you’re applying for a position as a groomer/ stylist, groomer’s assistant, bather, receptionist, promoter or manager; the number one requirement is that you love animals as much as we do. Everything else is teachable. 

During these trying times, we are taking our role in helping stop the spread of COVID-19 very seriously. We practice social distancing, maintain an environment where clients and their pets feel safe and where our staff is able to do their job effectively and efficiently out of harms way. That’s why our response to COVID-19 and the guidelines we follow exceed those set forth by the CDC. You can read more here.

Bark Place Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Anyone is welcome to apply for any positions posted.

We are currently hiring for the following positions:

Groomer’s Assistant:  The groomer’s assistant is responsible for helping groomers with each groom they perform. The server as the greeter who checks clients in for their appointments, the bather/ fluffer who cleans and drys the pets before their grooming and as the cashier who helps clients close out their invoices and make payments. Those seeking full time Groomer’s Assistant positions should have at least 1 year of directly related experience working in a high volume pet salon. Those seeking part time Groomer’s Assistant positions can range from those who have experience working with pets in other areas to those looking to make this their start in the pet services industry. 

To apply:  Email your resume, a brief statement about why you’re applying for this position and the best time for you to be reached to AND put “Groomer’s Assistant” in the subject line.