This week  Fox Business Channel came by Bark Place on 1st to discuss how we’ve been able to avoid raising prices on our services despite the recent spike in the cost of pet products and services

Bark Place Inc. owner Charles Winters explained that we are able to offer quality grooming services using only the best products by putting in extra work to find better deals.  Charles also said having loyal and consistent clients (like you and Gypsy Rose) allows us to stay focused on the important things and use our time wisely.  

At the end of the segment, Fox Business anchor David Asman commented on how well behaved and comfortable all of the dogs at Bark Place were saying “that’s the sign of a good groomer when you see dogs still willing to be happy and gracious while being (groomed).” 

We appreciate the compliment from David and would like to thank reporter Madison Alworth and everyone at Fox Business Channel for coming by to talk with us.