Instructions on Booking an Appointment

These tips are meant to help guide you through the process of booking an appointment. They are most effective if you open them and follow along as you book your appointment.   IMPORTANT:  In order to book an appointment you must have already registered both you and your pets information into the portal.   If you […] Customer Portal Tip: Accessing Invoices

We have made some updates to the Customer Portal, and now you can find invoices after you login. 1) click on the “My account” tab,  then click View Invoice [pictured below] 2) click on the blue I beside of the invoice you would like to view [see below] 3) Open your invoice and choose if […]

PHOTOS: Check out the <br>newly renovated Bark Place NYC

The outbreak of Covid-19 and the world-wide pandemic caused by this novel corona virus has changed the way we do everything in this world.  At Bark Place NYC, we are taking our role in helping to stop the spread of the virus very seriously.  We know that getting your pet groomed is vital to their […]

Our Response to<br> COVID-19

Dear Bark Place Pets and Pet Parents, Thank you for choosing Bark Place NYC. It means more to us now than ever. We realize you have choices, and we are excited to be a part of your new normal. The most important thing is that we all remain safe and healthy. Our main goal is […]