Free Grooming for a Year Terms & Conditions

By entering to win the Free Grooming for a Year Giveaway, any and all participants agree to the following terms:

Here’s how you can register to win: Pet owners can submit one (1) entry for each pet they own at Owners will receive one (1) entry to win with any full grooming of bathing service purchased at Bark Place between 10/1/21 and 10/31/21, Bark Place NYC management also reserves the right to reward additional entries as they see fit. Entries will be managed by a third party database that will select the winner by a random draw:

Here’s what the winner will receive:
The winner of the random draw will receive up to 12 free full grooms over the next year. If the winner will receive the following at each free session: bath, blowout, nails clipping, ear cleaning, anal glad expression, teeth brushing, cologne and accessory (when applicable). If the winning pet is a breed that requires a haircut, they will also receive that service as well. The grooming is intended to handle all of the pet’s typical grooming needs from head to tail but does not include specialized add-on services such as hand scissoring, carding, hand stripping, deshedding, flea treatments, coloring, etc. All prizes expire 365 days from the first appointment booked after being identified as contest winners or on 12/31/22 whichever date comes first.

More Terms & conditions:
The Free Grooming for a Year prize is not transferable and can only be used by the dog that is identified as the winner. Winners will not be able to request a specific groomer for each grooming appointment and their assigned groomer could change at any time without notice. Appointments are on a first come first serve basis and must be booked with the proper party to be established once prize has been claimed. Winning pet may be required to pass a temperament and health check-up to ensure that it can be groomed by our team of professionals. Winner must have up-to-date vaccination records on file at all times or services will be refused. Prize includes cost of services and sales tax, but does not include gratuity for grooming staff. Winning pet may be used in post-event promotions or in various other Bark Place NYC promotions at a later date. Pet parents of winning pet agree to sign a non-disclosure agreement, non-complete agreement and standard liability agreements prior to accepting any of the prize or rewards.

Expiration and termination of prizes:
Prizes will become null and void one year from the date of the winners first appointment in which prize was deemed or 12/31/22 (whichever comes first); if the winner receives 12 complimentary services in one calendar year; if the winning pet changes ownership; in the untimely loss of the winning pet; if winner pet parent or anyone representing the pet as the winner of the contest defames, negatively reviews or portrays Bark Place NYC or any of its affiliates or entities negatively either in writing or verbally; if the winner does not come forward within 2 weeks after being notified that they have won, a second winner will be picked at random draw. Bark Place NYC observes the right to eliminate unqualified contestants without notificaiton or warning.

Participants shall fully indemnify, hold harmless and defend Bark Place Inc and its directors, officers, employees, agents, stockholders and Affiliates from and against all claims, demands, actions, suits, damages, liabilities, losses, settlements, judgments, costs and expenses (including but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees and costs), whether or not involving a third party claim, which arise out of or relate to this giveaway.

Additional terms and conditions may apply.

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